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Karen Collyer

Intuitive Writer & Editor

Useful links to help your writing

Learn to Write Intuitively

The difference between what you write when it comes from your heart and soul rather than your head is profound!

How do you do that? Get in touch and ask about when I will be running the next Writing & Healing Workshop in Southern Tasmania. If attending in-person isn't convenient, you can join an online Workshop.

Group numbers are small, as my goal is to work closely with you to guide you to heal what blocks your writing and assist you to write more intuitively.

Overt Outreach: Social Media Empowerment and Virtual Training for Authors

Author John Egreek is passionate about helping authors effectively market their books without having to sell their soul to pay for it!

Social Media Classes for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are continually being scheduled for 2019.


If you'd like to know about John's online social media training for authors, head over to:


Misspelt words can spoil your manuscript. Even the best writers and editors sometimes scratch their heads when it comes to spelling.

If you're not sure, go to:

Overuse of Words

Sometimes you use a word too much in your writing, but you just can't come up with a good alternative word. It doesn't get any easier than:




A common trap is beginning sentences with the word 'so.' Use the CRFL + F function to find every instance of the word in your manuscript. Assess each sentence that begins with 'so' and take it out where you can or change it for other appropriate words.

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