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Bustling New York

Intuitive Writer & Editor

Karen Collyer

lorraine hall

Ten years ago Lorraine Hall’s life fell apart as memories of childhood abuse began to surface. Flashbacks and the black pit of repressed memories sent her into an unfamiliar world of feeling alone, isolated from family and friends.


From living in the cacoon of never knowing where she fitted into society, with the never-ending cycle of trying to please, Lorraine has evolved to a place of peace and tranquillity within herself.


Lorraine found healing through many modalities. Finally going to art school, Lorraine found an outlet for the emotions and memories that overwhelmed her. Her passion for art began to fill her world with creative imagination and colour.


Now Lorraine has not only established her place, she has finally found her voice.  

From this understanding, this space of celebrating life in all its colours, Lorraine tells her story from a place of deep desire to help others who have experienced life-altering trauma.


Lorraine’s dearest wish is that by sharing her story, the ugly parts, the challenging parts and the amazing parts, she can help reduce suffering by offering survivors and those who care for them the tools and lessons that have helped her so much.


'Our Little Secret, One Woman's True Story of Healing From Childhood Trauma,’ is a deeply moving, compelling memoir that will likely raise questions as to how such things are possible, and what we might do as a society to better protect our children.​

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