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Karen Collyer

jill valerie boyd


Jill Valerie Boyd, owner and chief stylist at Ageless Iconic Style, is renowned for the creativity, originality, sophistication and elegance with which she dresses her clients.


After training with master image consultants, Jill became an aesthetician, learning skincare and makeup techniques. The business that began by teaching fashion and skincare at adult education classes now reaches across the world as Jill teaches men and women the secrets of staying young at heart—as well as how to dress, whatever their age.


Jill’s core skill is helping her clients to look, and feel, absolutely radiant in all stages of life.

Jill says your image is your brand, and it's important. That's why Jill wrote 'Ageless & Iconic, Looking Fabulous At Any Age' - to help you develop your Signature Style - so you’ll become distinctive and unforgettable.

Find out more about Jill Valerie Boyd's 'Ageless & Iconic' styling at:

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