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Karen Collyer

vicki delpero

Vicki is the 'Divine Ass Kicker!'


Have a look at her website Soul Embodiment  for an insight into how Vicki provides life-changing training from her retreat space in Tasmania, Australia.

For more than thirty years Vicki has worked in the transformational industry. Starting working life as a nurse and midwife, Vicki discovered that the medical way wasn't the only way. More than that, it didn't fit with her at all! Vicki began exploring and learning all that she could, moving into private practice where she offered Maternity Reflexology at first, then other modalities were added over the years.

A talented and passionate homebirth and natural midwife, Vicki published "Creating Happy Healthy Babies," with Balboa Press.

Life changed dramatically once more when Vicki met Hermann Muller, the creator of Psychosomatic Therapy. A light bulb switched on and Vicki truly began to understand the body-mind connection. A quick learner, Vicki taught for some years before stepping fully into her mastery and offering Soul Embodiment, Personal Mastery for Today's Leaders. 

Vicki is currently finalising her memoir, the story of her early life and how it shaped the beliefs and behaviours she entered into adulthood, marriage and parenthood with. These experiences have provided a wealth of learning for Vicki, and an indepth understanding of the challenges most people face at some time or other in their lives. 

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