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Karen Collyer

Intuitive Writer & Editor

karen collyer

Karen Collyer

Karen's passion is helping all beings to find their voice.


Finding her own voice and the courage to express it has been her life's learning. 

When she discovered public radio in 1987 her creativity and passion for life was ignited. From there life was a rollercoaster ride of finding her voice, losing her voice, finding her voice...


In 2003 Karen studied professional writing and editing, and was mentored by Leone Peguero, director of Blue Cat Books and a writer of books for children.


In 2017 Karen travelled to Hawaii with Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover, and spent four days writing in the Tom Bird Method. Thus began the memoir Karen had believed was too painful to write.


Karen's mission as an editor is to support writers and encourage them to express their voice with passion and vulnerability.


The editing process is highly intuitive, as Karen tunes in to the writer, their message and what they hope to achieve by sharing their story - be that fiction, non-fiction or memoirs.


To write takes courage.


You have it, it might just be that you don't realise it yet. 


Millions of people have experienced trauma. Sadly, not everyone goes on to heal, recover and thrive.  Some, however, become beacons, shining their light to show everyone that it truly is possible to survive, and thrive, after extreme suffering. Karen is one of these beacons. May her book be solace for those who have suffered, and may they too find that within their deepest wounds lie their greatest gifts.

Carissa Rodgers, MA Trauma Therapist, Psychotherapist.

It is one of the most potent, raw and vulnerable portrayals of grief I have read... period.

James Spina, Author
I Almost Murdered A Complete Stranger

If only we could see the beauty we radiate.... this was such a raw and inspiring story!
Thankyou for sharing Karen and being so very brave a soul.
This story will give so many people hope and courage, and to see the light in the darkness.

Rebecca Polley

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