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Karen Collyer

Intuitive Writer & Editor

john egreek

JohnEgreek is a man who has discovered in himself great patience and fortitude in the journey of writing "Grandma's Secret Blessings, A Memoir With a Twist."


Surviving a father who openly hated him from the moment he was born, JohnEgreek began writing his story in 2001. Publishers said, "No," but that didn't deter John. Finally, in 2016, the book that began life as"Grandma's Secret Blessings" changed shape, trimming down from 169,210 words to a concise and flowing 107211 words.

John's book became "Grandma's Secret Blessings, A Memoir With a Twist," the heartfelt expression of John's life well lived. You will be left feeling as though you know John, as though you have sat down with him over a cuppa and gotten to know his gentle soul.

Overt Outreach

Social Media Empowerment and Virtual Training for Authors

John is passionate about helping authors effectively market their books without having to sell their soul to pay for it! If you'd like to know about John's online social media training for authors, head over to:

Find out more about John at

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