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Karen Collyer

kayleen Greagen-castle

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Growing up in a small country town in Australia, Kayleen Greagen-Castle always wished for the same thing - to be happy.


How do you go about creating a happy life when you don't know what that is?


As Kayleen herself describes on her website, with poor life skills and bad decisions, she rode a rollercoaster through life, determined to find a way through the storms... but was knocked back time and time again.


At age thirty, she found the courage to free her voice and tell her story; and the impact was colossal.


'Red Raw, One Woman's Courageous Journey to Free Her Voice,’ is what it promises - a raw and deeply moving memoir. Kayleen will take you on a ripper of a ride, and poses questions about how as a society we can better care for our vulnerable children and families, whilst showing that with courage, determination and willingness to accept help, there is hope.

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