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Karen Collyer

kathleen p. howard

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Whilst studying to become a teacher, Kathleen was drawn to Yoga and loved the philosophy and practices of self-development, eventually training as an Assistant Teacher in the Vipassana Meditation tradition.

Terrified in childhood by her mother’s anger and abuse, Kathleen had found safety in being a "people pleaser." Yoga was the beginning of the journey within to find the truth of Kathleen's spirit. 

Kathleen suffered throughout life from chronic poor health, fatigue and headaches. Over many years, Kathleen explored a variety of philosophies as she gradually developed an understanding of the emotional wounds behind her health and confidence issues. Trying many healing modalities before experiencing rapid improvement with the BodyTalk System of Healthcare, Kathleen was so excited she trained as a therapist immediately and built a small practice.

"Just a Slap" is an account of Kathleen's journey to health and happiness, which she hopes will inspire you to search deeply for your own answers.

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