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Intuitive Writer & Editor

Karen Collyer

debra a lansdowne


A passionate soul with an extraordinary enthusiasm for life, Debra Lansdowne is an adventure-loving free spirit - a true seeker of freedom and joy.


Debra's ability to trust and follow her heart's guidance has taken her on many journeys on this planet, where her infectious and inspiring personality and compassion for all beings helped her create lifelong friendships.

Debra's strong intuition, empathy and inner knowing were apparent from early childhood. Debra felt tremendously challenged and misunderstood by her family during childhood, a wound she carried into adulthood. Perhaps ironically, that wound also fuelled her need to look at the world with all her senses--physically and metaphysically--with different eyes.

Leaving home at a young age to follow her heart's calling, Debra explored many paths to experience life to the fullest. A traumatic life event led Debra to explore a new level of conscious awakening and trust her heart's guidance more courageously, and thus she was gifted with an extraordinary life of joy and magic that opened her mind to other realms of existence beyond the 3D world.

Debra has worn many hats in her life, all supporting others to heal themselves. First working for many years as a registered nurse, Debra then trained to be an art therapist counselor, a conscious embodied dance facilitator and a yoga teacher.

Having offered groups a sacred space to be inspired and joyfully heal their hearts on deep soulful journeys, Debra has now begun another new journey--as an author, sharing her extraordinary life experiences and insights.

Debra promises this book is the first of a series with insights to enlighten and inspire you to look at life a little differently.

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