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Karen Collyer

Intuitive Writer & Editor

If you are writing a book, it is because you have a message you need to share.

But you've been told you have to follow rules. Grammar, spacing, blah blah blah! 

Just thinking about all the things you don't know yet can be overwhelming.


Who said you have to follow rules?


I don't like to follow rules either. 

The reason I can change the rules and make it work for you is because I studied editing and worked for some years in media as a copywriter - I understand the rules.


That's how I can help you share your voice LOUD and PROUD!


But, if you want to follow the rules and produce writing that does adhere to the time-proven expectations, that's okay too. I have an eagle eye for detail and can help you polish your writing to perfection.

karen's mission

I have two passions:

*  Speaking up and helping others to speak up and share their voice 


*  Speaking up for those whose voice often goes unheard, the animals we share this beautiful planet with. I am currently working to establish a sanctuary in Southern Tasmania, Australia. Find out more at:

Intuitive editing

Intuitive Editing is the same as 'normal' editing, but with an extra ingredient - my ability as an intuitive being to tune in with you, your heartfelt goals and your book, and edit appropriately.

What you will receive from me is your manuscript polished and edited to make your voice as clear as it can be, whilst maintaining the absolute character and strength of your voice.

My role is not to rewrite for you (unless that is what you require and desire). 

My role is to polish, and then explain to you what has been done so that when you write your next book it is a lot easier because you will have a lot more skills than you do now.

 (Keep breathing, you will probably keep writing after the euphoria of publishing your first book wears off!) 

authors and books

Their writing styles, topics and messages are vastly different, but what each author has to offer is their sincere desire to share what they have learned from life in the hope that they may help others. 

I am grateful to them all for the trust they have placed in me to work with them, to help their voices become even stronger and clearer. 

What the Authors Say...
Seeker of Freedom and Joy
Inspiring Life Journeys of an Enlightened Heart

On receiving my first edited draft, I was astounded by how easily it read. I realised how clunky my original manuscript must have been! Karen’s talent in making subtle intuitive changes gave me the confidence to know this book was going to be published, I could see the potential she’d highlighted and that inspired me. I have learnt a great deal too, as Karen loves to share her knowledge.

Karen is one of those rare editors who uses her intuitive ability and professionalism to deliver a high standard of service. Her ability to feel into a book’s story and find its flow is invaluable. Karen has a keen eye for detail too!


Karen’s beautiful heart and talented editing was magic, turning my manuscript into a wonderful book that has been a success in the marketplace.

I am now working on my next book, and Karen has delivered once again on the editing.

Karen is the professional editor I trust to work on my manuscripts.

Thank you, Karen you have a gift to share with the world, giving us all a voice to be heard. I am so grateful to have you supporting my author journey.

Debra A Lansdowne.jpg

Debra A Lansdowne

Rio - A Love Story
How My Dog Saved My Life

I cannot begin to describe what a fantastic editor Karen Collyer is. Karen came very highly recommended, and she met and exceeded all my expectations. She carefully reviewed my manuscript and did a marvelous job - absolute perfection!

Karen was thorough in her review, not only correcting my typographical and grammatical errors, but working from a macro level and politely making suggestions about the writing order so it would read more clearly, and identifying what was missing or confusing.

When I received the first edited manuscript back from Karen, I cried in delight! The story was so much improved. What made it extra special is that Karen understood my special relationship with my dog, so she was able to comprehend and express more clearly what I was trying to say.

I will definitely retain Karen for all my future projects! I can depend on her to do a professional, careful, thorough and prompt review of my work to produce the best product possible.

I highly recommend Karen as an excellent editor.

Thank you and bless you!

Rio A Love Story_ebook cover_2019-08-09

Joni darc Shepherd 

I Almost Murdered a Complete Stranger
Embarrassing Truths of a Madman's Journey

Karen is an extremely talented editor, and I won't hesitate to use her services again, or recommend her to you.

Karen's capabilities are well beyond editing. If you ask her to, or better yet allow her to, she will inject those talents into her editing. She did that for me and significantly helped me.


She knew when chapters needed to move around, what had to go and what needed to change shape a little. Karen made substantive editorial comments throughout the manuscript too, which explained the changes she suggested and why. Thanks to that, I learned of lot that I will use when writing my next book.

She probably won't print this, but she also has the rare talent of being able to gut some of your work, while making you feel good about it! 

Jim Spina

A Survivor's Surrender
Healing One Layer at a Time

Karen, I will let folks know that you are THE BEST editor available!

I know, because for some reason I have been privileged to work with them in my healing categories! I'd love to swamp you with new work!

Jackson Hanks

Jackson Hanks.jpg
Just a Slap

Karen is a great editor. She took a bird’s eye view to my manuscript, changing a little bit here and a little bit there.


What came back to me was infinitely improved, whilst keeping my “voice”. Karen moved one chapter to a different place, as she could see more clearly than I where it best lived.


All in all, I found the editing process quite seamless. Karen sent me two documents, all I needed to do was view the one with all the changes accepted.


It was so easy!


I trust Karen’s editorial skills implicitly and recommend you give her a try.

Kathleen P. Howard

2D front cover (1).png
Red Raw
One Woman's Courageous Journey to Free Her Voice

I started my book  as a legacy for my children, but as time went on, I realised I had something powerful to share with the world. When I decided to publish, I knew I needed a professional, and that's exactly what I got.

With no prior writing experience, I gave my manuscript to Karen and trusted her ability to make it shine. I was impressed with how thoroughly she went through my book, and the process from start to finish was incredibly enjoyable.

Karen helped my book flow smoothly from start to finish and gave it more power than it originally had with her magical touch. Her natural ability to take my words and enhance them was truly admirable.

I loved the feedback and guidance she gave throughout for me to be able to dig deeper and pull on the emotions needed to make my story as impactful as it could be. I'm incredibly proud and grateful to have had Karen as my editor and will be recommending her for others to get their works perfected.

Front Cover Art FINAL RGB 1.jpg

Kayleen  Greagen-Castle

Lorraine Hall "Our Little Secret"
Our Little Secret
One Woman's True Story of Healing From Childhood Trauma

"Our Little Secret" was my first experience of writing a book. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Karen's editing. My mechanic's weren't good and I needed help.


During the editing process, Karen didn't change my words. What she did was make my book stronger.


When I opened up her email of my edited book, I cried. I couldn't believe the change, my book was polished, stronger.
I would highly recommend Karen as a professional editor and a delightful,  trustworthy woman.

Lorraine Hall

our little secret cover_edited.jpg
Grandma's Secret Blessings
A Memoir with a Twist

Karen Collyer is more than just an editor. She combines heart, compassion and magic to the process.

Karen performed magic. She read the story from front to cover. During the process, she recognised I had an issue with going from present tense to past tense and made course corrections along the way.

Her editing prowess was magical, concise and on point. She saved me hours of work that would have kept me from publishing this year. Now, I'm on track, my book is published, and I am celebrating my first award, the Literary Titan Book Award.

John Egreek

Visit John's author website at

Creating Happy Healthy Babies

Karen really gets to the heart of the issue, whatever I throw at her and say, "make that work!"


Sharing "Creating Happy Healthy Babies " with the world was an absolute labour of love for me.


Karen always respected my wishes, yet polished and brought even greater strength to my voice.

What makes Karen's editing process so special is her intuitive skill. She knew what I wanted to express, what my goals were and who I wanted to talk to.

Vicki Delpero

Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik

What can I say about Karen Collyer… she’s Fantastic!

Karen did the copy editing for my first fantasy adventure book and being a newbie author her guidance was invaluable.

Her copy editing skills helped to tighten my story, organise the format and improve the flow of my writing, all of which increased the book’s impact.

Being an author herself, Karen’s understanding of the creative journey was incredibly helpful, as was her ongoing encouragement when the usual doubt during a creative project showed its face.

Karen’s skills, guidance and support were a vital and very positive part of the process to help bring my book to fruition. 


I would highly recommend Karen to aspiring, newbie or stalwart writers as she will help to enhance any author's journey.

Suzanne de Malplaquet 

Romance Scam Survivor
The Whole Sordid Story.

Having my book edited by Karen Collyer gave me the confidence to go forward with my book and get it published.  I had stumbled several times previously, as I did not understand the importance of good editing. 


She advised where I could rewrite to make the book both stronger and an easier read. She streamlined my sentence structure, standardised all of my formatting to match the expected standard, and gave me the confidence that it did, in fact, hang together and was readable.

Many Thanks Karen.

Jan Marshall

Beyond Hot and Crazy
A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause

Karen has done a fantastic job of editing my book Beyond Hot and Crazy - A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause. 


I wanted the book to be as if I was talking to my reader and Karen was able to maintain my voice whilst correcting my dyslexic sentence structures and grammar. 


She has also been a great support in the marketing and getting ready to publish. I will certainly be using her again when my next book is ready for editing and can highly recommend you check her out for any editing you require. 

Pam Lob

Ageless & Iconic
Looking Fabulous at Any Age

Writing a book can be a daunting task.


In my case, Karen Collyer saved the day! My initial copy editor corrected the grammar and formation of sentences, but left the spirit of the book in the dust.

Karen came highly recommended by a friend, and she was able to capture my voice and bring to life the essence of my book.


I am forever grateful for Karen’s work. She is outstanding!

Jill Valerie Boyd

Shame, Guilt, and Surviving 
Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant will always be connected to a great deal of misery, torment and death. But it didn’t start on April 28, 1996, the day he murdered thirty-five people during the Port Arthur Massacre, in Tasmania, Australia.


This book isn’t just about Martin Bryant. It is my story of how child abuse, trauma and dysfunctional parents made me the perfect candidate for Martin Bryant’s unwanted attention, long before the massacre of 1996.


How did devastating childhood traumas affect my ability to demand help, to speak, to yell as loudly as I could until something was done to stop his violent stalking of  me?


Could the massacre have been averted had the laws around stalking supported, rather than limited, police response to my cries for help?  

Karen Collyer

You Are The Miracle
How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life

Writing my autobiography was as challenging as giving birth to my six children.


The word ‘story’ actually means to ‘know’. I didn’t always know why I was writing, or what the story wanted to tell me.


Karen took one look at my scribbles and she KNEW. She was the perfect editor to midwife ‘You are the Miracle!’ into being.


She is a brilliant intuitive editor, the best of the best. I simply can’t believe my good fortune to have her in my life and will be knocking on her door again soon for my next book! 


Grada Robertson, 
Purple House Wellness Centre

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